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InfraGard is a national education and information sharing program created by and between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the private/public sector. There are InfraGard groups in cities around the country. Their individual and combined objectives include the mitigating of local, state and national vulnerabilities which terrorists might attempt to exploit. By their implementation, these objectives also provide increased protection against criminal activities found in our cities and towns, corporate environments, and our personal lives. 

Our Mission Statement
We are a private sector organization sharing information and intelligence and integrating assets with local, state,and federal resources for the protection of our nation's critical infrastructure.

Los Angeles is one of the largest InfraGard Alliance regions as it represents the same seven counties as the FBI office out of which it operates. Membership is organized into the Dept. of Homeland Security's 18 critical infrastructures. The L.A. region also includes three unique sub-sectors: Education, Entertainment/Large Venues and Faith-Based Venues.

Infrastructure Sectors
  The Los Angeles
Seven County Region
Banking Finance Chemical / Hazardous Material Commercial Facilities
Communications Dams Defense
Education Emergency Services
Entertainment/Large Venues Faith-Based Venues Food/Agriculture
Government Health Care IT/Telecommunications
Manufacturing National Monuments Nuclear Power
Postal Services Transportation Water
San Luis Obispo County San Bernardino County
Santa Barbara County
Ventura County Los Angeles County
Orange County Riverside County

For more information on any of the Critical Infrastructure Sectors
or the Seven County Region, select from the images above


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Updated: January 28, 2015


January 2015

Welcome New Members!

  Happy New Year to InfraGard Los Angeles and all InfraGard Members and Public Partners who choose to participate in our program.


Because of you, InfraGard Los Angeles has grown into the largest alliance in the country, “Thank You” for your trust in us to be your ally and for your constant feedback in order for us to continue our mission to keep you connected with government and meet your training and information needs.  This is a new year and a renewed opportunity to stay focused on our common goals to protect our families, business and country. 

In September 2014, FBI Director Comey stated that Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism is the number one threat to all Critical Infrastructures in our nation.  Last week, Director Comey, Director National Intelligence James Clapper, Ret. FBI Director Robert Mueller and a host of leading internationally recognized cyber scientists reiterated this same statement in one voice at the International Conference for Cyber Security.  From Sony and Central Command to Integrated Computer Systems that run our military, water supplies, subways, airlines, finances and every known commodity we use to survive, every critical infrastructure shares this common and real threat.


In response to this immediate threat, InfraGard LA has incorporated a Cyber Security Module in every training program we offer.  We, as the private sector outreach for the FBI and its partner agencies are developing new training, forging new partnerships and fortifying our existing relationships with Law Enforcement, 1st Responders and Private Industry.


It is our purpose to help each of you in your respective disciplines to have timely, current and relevant; awareness, training and information available to you and your agency.


Thank you for being the success that you are as InfraGard Los Angeles Alliance Members and Thank You in advance for what will be our year to go beyond what we have accomplished to keep the United States a safe place for our children and generations to come.


Again, Welcome New Members!



Roger Rieger, President and CEO

InfraGard Los Angeles Members Alliance



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