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InfraGard is a national education and information sharing program created by and between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the private/public sector. There are InfraGard groups in cities around the country. Their individual and combined objectives include the mitigating of local, state and national vulnerabilities which terrorists might attempt to exploit. By their implementation, these objectives also provide increased protection against criminal activities found in our cities and towns, corporate environments, and our personal lives. 

Our Mission Statement
We are a private sector organization sharing information and intelligence and integrating assets with local, state,and federal resources for the protection of our nation's critical infrastructure.

Los Angeles is one of the largest InfraGard Alliance regions as it represents the same seven counties as the FBI office out of which it operates. Membership is organized into the Dept. of Homeland Security's 18 critical infrastructures. The L.A. region also includes three unique sub-sectors: Education, Entertainment/Large Venues and Faith-Based Venues.

Infrastructure Sectors
 The Los Angeles
Seven County Region
Banking FinanceChemical / Hazardous MaterialCommercial Facilities
EducationEmergency Services
Entertainment/Large VenuesFaith-Based VenuesFood/Agriculture
GovernmentHealth CareIT/Telecommunications
ManufacturingNational MonumentsNuclear Power
Postal ServicesTransportationWater
San Luis Obispo CountySan Bernardino County
Santa Barbara County
Ventura CountyLos Angeles County
Orange CountyRiverside County

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InfraGard Los Angeles News

Infragard Los Angeles (IGLA) – President’s Message

Happy Spring InfraGard LA Members

A special thanks to our IGLA Director Cherie Kono, FBI Coordinator Maureen O’Connell, FBI Assistant Coordinator Fred Simon and FBI Administrator Gloria Lopez for their extraordinary efforts during the Southwest President’s Summit March 4 and 5 in LA.  Our distinguished guest was Unit Chief of the FBI National Industry Protection Unit in Washington D.C.  His comments during and post event were encouraging however, his formal letter from Washington caused celebration.  The FBI  H.Q.’s praise for IGLA efforts is for all members to share pride in.  Washington’s commitment to bring awareness of our programs and business model to Capitol Hill is a compliment to Cherie, Maureen, Fred, Gloria and the IGLA Board.  Please remember to thank them personally at our future events.

With the affirmation of IGLA’s model at the national level, the Board of Directors is implementing their plan for the next generation of IGLA.  To accommodate current and future growth, the Board added a second full time executive position.  This move will keep InfraGard Los Angeles current, relevant and growing in membership.  This addition will better meet the needs of the FBI and its partner agencies in the prevention and response to the new and ever evolving imminent threats that face our industries and our country. 

InfraGard is unique in that we connect those physical and cyber security professionals with others in their industry, discipline and yes, within their own company.  We understand the purpose and support industry specific outreach and training programs however, we promote information sharing and training amongst the professionals of different disciplines in an industry or individual company.  If your company already has cyber, physical and operations people attending an all threat all hazard training we’d like to hear about it.  We are always looking for partners.
Congratulations on this recent milestone and thank you for your trust in the IGLA Board! I am honored and privileged to serve you.

Welcome to new members!  Stay Safe and Stay Informed!
Roger Rieger, President and CEO
InfraGard Los Angeles, Members Alliance




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